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10 Checklist Items to Prepare Your Yard for Spring | Carolina Terrain

  1. Trim and shape existing trees, shrubs and hedges to prepare your yard for the new season.

  2. Cut back perennials, annuals and grasses that are overgrown in order to maintain a neat and tidy look.

  3. Prune any dead or diseased branches on trees and plants to help them grow stronger throughout the spring season.

  4. Check for pests such as aphids or grubs that may have been living in your garden over the winter months and take steps to prevent or remove them if necessary.

  5. Fertilize soil with organic matter such as compost or manure to improve nutrient levels in preparation for upcoming plantings.

  6. Edge walkways, patios, decks, gardens and other outdoor areas to create clean lines and a professionally maintained appearance.

  7. Remove weeds from garden beds, pathways and other outdoor spaces to prevent them from taking over during the warmer months ahead.

  8. Refresh mulch around trees, shrubs and flower beds to protect roots from extreme temperatures while providing an attractive backdrop for plants throughout the season.

  9. Inspect irrigation systems such as sprinklers, drip lines or hoses for any signs of leaks or damage that could impact plant health during the drier summer months ahead of us now that spring has arrived here in Waxhaw, NC!

  10. Plant spring-blooming annuals like petunias, pansies or snapdragons in flower beds, along walkways or even in large pots on decks or patios for added color throughout the season!

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