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How to Create a Beautiful Large Container Garden | Carolina Terrain

Large container gardens are a great way to add visual interest and make your outdoor space look bigger. Container gardening is especially helpful if you don’t have the traditional in-ground garden space but still want to create a beautiful outdoor area. Read on to learn how to create a large container garden that will be the envy of your neighbors!

Choosing Your Containers & Plants

When choosing containers for your large container garden, consider both size and material. You’ll want something big enough for plants like trees or shrubs, which usually require more room than smaller annuals or perennials. As far as material goes, you can choose from ceramic, clay, plastic, or metal – all of which have their own advantages and drawbacks. Consider the purpose of each plant when selecting what type of container will work best; for example, if you plan on planting tomatoes or other vegetables that need frequent watering, choose a material that won’t dry out too quickly such as plastic or clay.

You’ll also need to select the plants that will go into your large container garden. If you’re looking to add color and texture, try pairing flowering plants with evergreens or colorful annuals like petunias or pansies. Make sure to take into account the amount of sunlight an area gets when selecting plants – some may require full sun while others prefer partial shade! Finally, remember that larger containers can accommodate larger foliage so don’t be afraid to mix it up with some trees or shrubs if desired!

Positioning & Maintenance

Once you’ve chosen all your containers and plants, positioning them correctly is key for creating an eye-catching arrangement. Try grouping similar colors together for a unified look and then adding pops of contrast by placing different hues near one another – this will help draw attention towards your garden! Also take into account any existing features such as walkways or patios and place containers accordingly so that they won’t interfere with these elements. Finally, make sure there is adequate spacing between each container so that air can flow freely around them – this helps prevent diseases from developing due to stagnant air pockets!

When it comes time for maintenance, most large container gardens require regular watering (at least once per week depending on weather conditions) as well as fertilizing every few weeks during the growing season. Pruning may also be necessary depending on what types of plants are used – some varieties grow quite quickly and require pruning in order to maintain their shape and size! In addition to these tasks, removing dead leaves and/or flowers is important in order keep everything looking its best year round.


Large container gardens are an excellent way to create more visual interest in your outdoor space without taking up too much real estate - plus they offer homeowners freedom when designing their outdoor area thanks to the variety of materials available for use! With careful selection of both containers and plants plus correct positioning within your landscape design plan - along with regular maintenance throughout the growing season - you can easily create an impressive display that adds beauty and character to any outdoorscape here in Waxhaw, North Carolina! If you are unsure where to start when it comes to container gardening, give Carolina Terrain a call at 704-989-9005. We have a large variety of unique planting containers and offer container planting services, specially curated for your specific home conditions. Learn more by visiting our website.

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