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Plant Selection & Installation

Zac Installing Camellia Trellis

Breathe Life Into Your Landscape

Welcome to Carolina Terrain's renowned plant selection and installation service, where we transform ordinary outdoor spaces into enchanting garden havens. Our commitment to exceptional quality and attention to detail distinguishes our custom plant packages that are crafted uniquely for your home.

Personalized Plant Selection:

Our expert landscape architects in Waxhaw, NC, thoughtfully assess the soil composition, terrain contours, and specific light exposure of your property. We then carefully curate a selection of vibrant, hardy plants that will not only flourish in your unique environment but also complement the aesthetics of your home. From native plants that honor North Carolina's natural beauty to exotic varieties that add a touch of elegance, we craft a garden that reflects your personality and taste.

Professional Installation with Care:

Our experienced installation team, equipped with the latest tools and knowledge of the best planting techniques, ensures each plant's optimal growth and long-lasting beauty. We handle everything from site preparation and grading to proper planting depths and spacing, prioritizing the health of each plant. With meticulous care, we create a garden that will bring you joy from season to season.

Sustainable Practices for Future Growth:

Understanding the importance of sustainability, we offer soil amendment & nutrient testing to guarantee the best growing conditions for your plants. Our eco-friendly practices foster a thriving ecosystem in your garden, promoting growth and resilience against changing weather conditions.

Flexible Packages for Every Budget:

Whether you envision a luxurious garden retreat or a simple yet elegant outdoor space, we have a solution for every budget. Our packages are customizable, offering the flexibility to choose the plants and features that best fit your needs.

Comprehensive Support & Maintenance:

Your satisfaction is our success. Our landscape installation company offers dedicated after-care services such as trimming, weeding, mulching and other maintenance, ensuring that your garden continues to thrive and adapt to each new season.

Contact us today to create your perfect garden retreat in Waxhaw, NC. Let's explore the endless possibilities of beauty and tranquility together. Trust Carolina Terrain – where passion meets perfection in every leaf and bloom.

Zac Auging a Hole for Planting with a Tractor
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