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The Benefits of Landscape Drainage | Carolina Terrain

Good landscape drainage is essential to preventing erosion, maintaining soil health, and protecting your home's foundation. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of landscape drainage and how it can help you maintain a healthy landscape.

What Is Landscape Drainage?

Landscape drainage is the process of controlling water runoff in order to protect the soil, prevent erosion, and keep your property dry. It involves creating grade changes in the yard so that water can flow away from the house or other structures. This usually involves installing a series of trenches or swales around the property to catch and divert water away from areas where it could cause damage.

Benefits of Landscape Drainage

The most obvious benefit of landscape drainage is that it helps prevent soil erosion. When heavy rain falls on an area without proper drainage, it can wash away valuable topsoil. This makes it harder for plants to take root and thrive in that area and can also cause structural damage to buildings or foundations if left unchecked. Properly installed landscape drainage systems will channel this water away from these vulnerable areas and keep them safe from potential damage.

In addition to protecting against soil erosion, good landscape drainage also helps promote plant growth by ensuring that excess water does not pool around the roots of plants. When there is too much water present, it can suffocate plants or prevent them from getting enough oxygen, which is essential for their health and growth. By controlling where the water flows with proper landscaping techniques, you can ensure that your plants get all the nutrients they need while staying protected from standing water.


Having a properly installed landscape drainage system helps protect your home’s foundation and prevents soil erosion while promoting plant growth at the same time. Investing in good quality drainage solutions now could save you thousands of dollars down the line in repairs or replacements due to future issues caused by inadequate drainage systems. As homeowners, it’s important to understand how important landscape drainage is for keeping both our properties and our environment healthy - investing in good quality solutions now will pay off in the long run!

Need a Local Drainage Specialist?

Tired of dealing with all that pesky water in your yard? Carolina Terrain is the answer! We provide comprehensive landscape drainage solutions to Waxhaw, North Carolina customers. From French drains and downspout drainage to a variety of other services - rely on us for maximum efficiency today. Schedule a complimentary consultation by calling 704-989-9005 & explore our website for more details about available options now.

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